The First Discovery of the Electron Structure in the World


Electron is the birthplace or even the genetrix of photon, one could say that the electron’s structure consists of the photons gathered together.

Structure of Proton


If we observe the proton well, we see a sun that is made up of millions of photon, compacted and compressed.

The Discovery of the Nature of Superstring Theory


The Superstring is another name for vibrating and rotating photon in 11 dimensions.

One Plus Ten Motions of Photon


The photon has different motions. An external motion or the projectile, which consists of two types and an internal motion which also includes two parts.

Use of Light in the Child’s Development


By using thoughtfully the specific colors in the environment of people of different gender and age, we can perfect the talents.

Structure of Neutron


The Neutron’s system is like the Solar System or an Atom whereby the Sun or its nucleus is the Proton and the planets are the Photons which form the Electron.

Why the Electron is Negatively Charged and the Proton Positively?


The type of motion and the positioning of constructive photons of electron give it a certain lightness and keep it in a state of emission and the compaction of proton’s photons make of it an attractive particle.

Photon has a Constant Rest Mass!

arabic Constant Rest Mass energy of photon gyroradius mass of red photon mass of blue photon

Max Planck: "I was ready to sacrifice any of my previous convictions about physics."

Ultimate Structure of Proton


The structure of the proton is similar to a cherry or to the sun with two layers; the Core and the mantle.

Light Speed Barrier Broken!


we are going to evaluate the speed of the astronomical objects at the hypothetical edges of the Universe.