A new equation for the energy of Photon


Saleh Theory believes that photon is a particle with a constant mass that traverses in a helical trajectory, and according to the explanations of how the photon is moving, the final formula for the energy of photon will be like...

From Macro to Micro


Saleh Theory believes that the Universe around us with all its vastitude and expanse is composed of a tiny particle with constant rest mass, called Photon.

A new proof of wave-particle duality of light at anytime, anywhere and in any case


Because of the prestige of Einstein, only a few scientists have investigated the possibility of a non-zero rest mass of the photon with few results.

Discovery of a New Atom


The “photon”, in the true sense of the word, could be called the new atom, which is the primary building block of all material in the universe.

The Universe Rotation at a Speed Higher than Light and its Wonderful Effects


Dark energy is the effect of the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of celestial objects.

Dark Matter or Vivid Force?!


There is no Dark Matter, but rather a Vivid Force whose effect holds the structure of galaxies.

Ultimate Structure of Proton


The structure of the proton is similar to a cherry or to the sun with two layers; the Core and the mantle.

Light Speed Barrier Broken!


we are going to evaluate the speed of the astronomical objects at the hypothetical edges of the Universe.

Photon has a Constant Rest Mass!


Max Planck: "I was ready to sacrifice any of my previous convictions about physics."

Why the Electron is Negatively Charged and the Proton Positively?


The type of motion and the positioning of constructive photons of electron give it a certain lightness and keep it in a state of emission and the compaction of proton’s photons make of it an attractive particle.