Dark Matter or Vivid Force?!


There is no Dark Matter, but rather a Vivid Force whose effect holds the structure of galaxies.

The Universe Rotation at a Speed Higher than Light and its Wonderful Effects


Dark energy is the effect of the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of celestial objects.

Discovery of a New Atom


The “photon”, in the true sense of the word, could be called the new atom, which is the primary building block of all material in the universe.

A new proof of wave-particle duality of light at anytime, anywhere and in any case


Because of the prestige of Einstein, only a few scientists have investigated the possibility of a non-zero rest mass of the photon with few results.

From Macro to Micro


Saleh Theory believes that the Universe around us with all its vastitude and expanse is composed of a tiny particle with constant rest mass, called Photon.

A new equation for the energy of Photon


Saleh Theory believes that photon is a particle with a constant mass that traverses in a helical trajectory, and according to the explanations of how the photon is moving, the final formula for the energy of photon will be like...