A Revolution in Light Theory

1- Unique Definition of the Three-Dimensional Trajectory of Photon

Light and its nature have caused a lot of ink to flow during these last decades. Its dual behavior is partly explained by Double-slit experiment of Thomas Young - who represents the photon’s motion as a wave - and also by the Photoelectric effect in which the photon is considered as a particle. However, Einstein himself writes: "It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. SALEH THEORY solves this ambiguity and this difficulty presenting a three-dimensional trajectory for the photon's motion and a new formula to calculate its energy.

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New Definition of the Colorfulness of Photon

2- New Definition of the Colorfulness of Photon

In SALEH THEORY, we believe on the helical motion of photon, of which r is the gyroradius around an imaginary axis. This means that the photon has two simultaneous motions: rectilinear motion at constant speed and rotary motion at constant angular velocity. The visible spectrum is one of the concepts that have attracted much comment. In SALEH THEORY the distinction of spectrums is due to the gyroradius; and its changes induce the colorfulness. In fact, the increase of the gyroradius means reciprocally the widening of the wavelength. For example, the long wavelength of the red spectrum is a result of the high value of its gyroradius r, while for the blue spectrum, it’s the opposite.

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Black Light

3- Black Light

Know that the photon has a short life but also a long life you’d think that it has seen the whole Universe. If you look at the corners of the Universe, you see flashing lights that come to you and carry the secrets of 13 billion years ago. The photon, as a messenger, revive the past moments; as a little angel illustrates the whole universe; without it, the darkness would dominate the universe… darkness, grief, one over another ... This courageous minuscule has brought us with him the lighting of life, the existence, the heat ..

The domain of electromagnetic spectrum is very large and a small region of it is called the Visible Region. It contains packets of elemental energy, from red to violet. Apart from this, there is also the partially visible region that is clearly perceptible for two observer groups. The lower region called Infrared and the upper one called Ultraviolet

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Were I a photon, how would I perceive the world and how the world would perceive me?

4- Were I a photon, how would I perceive the world and how the world would perceive me?

It is known from the Earth that it traverses a distance of one meter in 2.15*10-3 seconds; or a second is the time that it takes to move 465 meters. Thus the photon moves 3*108 meters in a second. And if we define the unit of measure on the basis of the photon’s motion, in fact a meter is the distance that the photon travels in 33.33*10-10 seconds. It can, therefore, advance thousands of meters in a hundredth of a second.

Let us say that the photon is an object or a physical person who performs his tasks at such an incredible speed; how can he perceive, this fast and cunning photon, the rest of the world?

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Faster than Light?!

5- Faster than Light?!

How beautiful the Universe is! Its inanimate part is beautiful, and the animated part even more so. Everywhere you look, you see extraordinary things. But you must know what you see and what you know is tiny compared to what exist in truth...

The earth rotates around itself while orbiting around the sun; so two simultaneous movements. The first with a speed of 1675 km/h causes day and night and the second, in 107200 km/h, brings us the seasons.

Imagine a curtain hanging from the ceiling and a thread pulled out from its fabric. You will always find them in inertia even if the Earth would turn 10 times faster because their relative speed to the Earth will remain zero.

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Use of Light in the Child's Development

6- Use of Light in the Child's Development

The white spectrum encompasses all visible spectrums and a wide range of frequencies or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. It is indeed a fusion of spectrums from different colors and therefore if it is colored, it is not in vain.

Our experience proves that each color has its characteristic and its mood. For example, the red spectrum represents the vivacity and the blue one refers to a heavenly tranquility.

Saleh Theory believes that by a better employment of colors in different places, we could benefit from the particularities of each spectrum to acquire tranquility, feeling lively, overcome anguish...

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The Unseen world of Photon

7- The Unseen world of Photon

If we look at the sky, we see the moon that revolves around the Earth; Together, they turn around the Sun. And if you lift your head a little higher, you could see the planets of the Solar System which also turn around the Sun which, in turn, has its rotation in the galaxy; as well as galaxies have their own axes to turn around.

Thus, observing from the sky to the atom, we see an identical structure that is about a rotation around a central axis; a structure similar to that of the atom which has a nucleus and electrons rotating around.

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The Actual and Realistic Structure of Electron

8- The Actual and Realistic Structure of Electron

Everything in the Universe has its own structure; every structure is in harmony with the others; solar system, Milky Way, black holes, other systems of star around … Electron also is no exception …

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Structure of Proton

9- Structure of Proton

If we take the example of the periodic table of elements as an arrey, we can see that the hydrogen atom is the foundation stone and the main block of all the elements. In fact, the hydrogen atom is an arrey composed of a single electron which revolves around the proton; the electron which itself is only a collection of "angel photons"

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Structure of Neutron

10- Structure of Neutron

In our previous articles we described the Electron and the Proton’s structure; the Electron as an array of Photons that rotate on the surface of an imaginary sphere without any central nucleus and the Proton as a dense compact globe filled up of Photons with a radius three times smaller than that of an Electron. In this article we are going to explain the structure of the Neutron; this last component of subatomic world which is composed of the Electron with a Proton in the center.

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Color variety of photon

11- One plus ten motions of photon

The photon has different motions. The external or projectile and the internal motions.....

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Discovery of the Nature of Superstring Theory

12- Discovery of the Nature of Superstring Theory

Saleh Theory believes that if we look at the internal motion of the photon, we will find out that the photon in its tiny motions ...

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Why the electron is negatively charged and the proton positively?

13- Why the electron is negatively charged and the proton positively?

the type of motion and the positioning of constructive photons of electron and the compaction of proton’s photons make of them ...

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Photon has a Constant Rest Mass!

14- Photon has a Constant Rest Mass!

Max Planck: "I was ready to sacrifice any of my previous convictions about physics".

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Light Speed Barrier Broken!

15- Light Speed Barrier Broken!

we are going to study the speed of the astronomical objects at the hypothetical edges of the Universe

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Ultimate Structure of Proton

16- Ultimate Structure of Proton

The structure of the proton is similar to a cherry or to the sun with two layers; Core and Mantle

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Dark Matter or Vivid Force

17- Dark Matter or Vivid Force !?

There is no Dark Matter, but rather a Vivid Force whose effect holds the structure of galaxies

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Centrifugal force on celestial objects

18- The Universe Rotation at a Speed Higher than Light and its Wonderful Effects

Saleh Theory believes that dark energy is the effect of the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of objects around the supposed center of the Universe

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photon is a new atom

19- Discovery of a New Atom

Saleh Theory believes that the “photon”, in the true sense of the word, could be called the new atom, which is the building block of all material in the universe

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