1- Use of Light in the Child's Development

The white spectrum encompasses all visible spectrums and a wide range of frequencies or wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. It is indeed a fusion of spectrums from different colors and therefore if it is colored, it is not in vain.

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2- The First Discovery of the Electron Structure in the World

The photon and the electron are like a family with a fluid interaction; electron’s motion makes see the photon that could, in turn, make move the electron. So they are in a kind of harmony...

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3- Structure of Proton

If we take the example of the periodic table of elements as an array, we can see that the hydrogen atom is the foundation stone and the main block of all the elements. In fact, the hydrogen atom is an arrey composed of a single electron which revolves around the proton; the electron which itself is only a collection of "angel photons"...

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4- Structure of Neutron

In our previous articles we described the Electron and the Proton’s structure; the Electron as an array of Photons that rotate on the surface of an imaginary sphere without any central nucleus and the Proton as a dense compact globe filled up of Photons with a radius three times smaller than that of an Electron. In this article we are going to explain the structure of the Neutron; this last component of subatomic world which is composed of the Electron with a Proton in the center.

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5- 1+10 Motions of Photon

The photon has different motions, external and internal. The external motion or the projectile from an electron, which consists of two types: a forward motion with a velocity equals to C, which is performed in 3 Dimensions, and a rotational motion in two dimensional plates. So the external motion could be explained in five dimensions. Photon has an internal motion too. This motion also includes two parts: the first one is...

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6- Discovery of the Nature of Superstring Theory

Saleh Theory believes that if we look at the internal motion of the photon, we will find out that the photon in its tiny motions...

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7- Why the electron is negatively charged and the proton positively?

The spiral motions of the constructive photons of electron give it a unique characteristic that cause...

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8- Photon has a Constant Rest Mass !

Mr. Max Plank measured the amount of energy of a light beam in laboratory. The measured energy for each wavelength is an accurate laboratory value; But the mistake started when they equaled the laboratory value to its theoretical formula, and...

9- Light Speed Barrier Broken !

we are going to study the speed of the astronomical objects at the hypothetical edges of the Universe

10- Ultimate Structure of Proton

The structure of the proton is similar to a cherry or to the sun with two layers; Core and Mantle

11- Dark Matter or Vivid Force ?!!

There is no Dark Matter, but rather a Vivid Force whose effect holds the structure of galaxies